Overcoming Satan's Power in Today's World

“One who doesn't believe in the devil doesn't believe in the Gospel.” This was the response of Pope John Paul II when once asked about the existence of the devil. It seems that more and more people, including Christians, refuse to accept this basic teaching of the faith. The exorcist of the Archdiocese of Mexico believes that this could be another strategy of the devil: “What the devil is interested in is to confuse us, either by making us believe that he does not exist and that, as he doesn't exist, neither do hell and heaven and so we need not be afraid of being far from God.”

This issue aims to counter that strategy of the devil. We need to focus once more on his activities and discover his new tactics of influence. An inside look at his inner life can reveal to us his main struggle and weaknesses. The articles of Fr Amorth, Vatican’s official exorcist, can guide us in this quest.

Since the devil is an intelligent being, he can always devise ways to effectively deceive people. Occult practices and beliefs are his favorite entry points. Fr Syquia, the official exorcist of the Archdiocese of Manila, offers an excellent study on Philippine religiosity and discusses the different channels through which Satan shares his power with men: mangkukulam, ispiritista, mananambal, manghuhula, albularyo, etc. We also include his position paper on the reality of ‘haunted’ houses wherein he explores its possible causes and evaluates the various options people normally take in their attempt to ‘exorcise’ a haunted house.

Recognizing the heightening power of Satan, the Church sees the need to revive the exorcist role of her ministers. We have witnessed in this decade the increasing interest in exorcism in terms of publications, seminars, and interviews of exorcists. As one official exorcist commented, “the Church has found it necessary to revive something that she felt was of the past, but which is urgent in our times: to proclaim to those who have fallen away the redemption of Christ who came to liberate us from Satan's threats.”

With this issue on exorcism, we wish to help the Church in her intent to overcome Satan’s power in today’s world.

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